Gwenaëlle Lefeuvre · mars, 2016

Bonjour, I'm Gwenaëlle!

I'm a particle physicist by day, editor for GV Lingua French by night, language passionate 24/7. Strong advocate that the languages we speak all deserve equal respect, and that Europe could be a better place if it valued its regional languages, I tweet on the topic at @DiffractedWord (personal account) and @AcademieDuGallo (organisation I co-founded for the revival of Gallo, the Romance language of Brittany). I grew up in France, lived in NY State, am now settled on the South English coast and never go to India often enough.

Also a cheese-lover, a chatterbox, and a bookworm. Get in touch!

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Kathmandou: les évènements récents transformés en oeuvres d'art

L'artiste autodidacte népalais Ashim Shakya consacre des oeuvres au blocus qu'a subi le Népal après le tremblement de terre d'avril 2015 et à ses conséquences.

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